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I have three great children (Shelly, Melanie & Scott) and eight wonderful grandchildren (Nathan, Cole, Evan Megan, Paige, Jimmy, Jacob and Jaime).  Many would characterize me as a workaholic, but I do have other pursuits:  Cruising, photography, saltwater aquariums, golf and scuba diving.

After 10 years of full and part-time College studies at Washington State University, University of Washington and University of Alaska, Anchorage, with interruptions for Peace Corps training, the Air Force, 4 years at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska and four years at the First National Bank of Anchorage, 4 years as a Data Processing
Officer, I graduated with a BBA (Management) in 1974.  This was followed by 3 years with Burroughs Corp as a Line of Business Consultant (Banking), 3 years as a Data Processing Manager with the Restaurant Division of Campbell Soup Company.  My last position in the Information Systems world was 10 years as the Hotel Systems Manager for Westin Hotel and Resorts’ hotels (US, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Philippines, Korea, Singapore and almost Shanghai).

After a 6 month hiatus, in 1990, I began my second term in Real Estate as a full time Agent with ERA, which changed to Coldwell Banker, I then went to John L. Scott Real Estate in January of 1996. 

In 1976, I acquired a 24’ Fairliner cruiser, which was shortly thereafter rammed at its dock in Holmes Harbor, Whidbey Island, receiving a 4’ x 3’ hole in the forward berth area.  My next boat was the 34’ ”Jackpot”, a custom Grandy built, Monk design that served me well, cruising the San Juan’s and Desolation Sound from 1977 to 1979.  Following the Jackpot came the Petrel, a Union 36’ cutter.  This boat served both as a cruising sailboat and as home (for a year).
In the Spring of1985 the Petrel was sold and the “Night Heron”, a 40’ Robert Perry designed Passport sloop, was commissioned.  It was delivered in August of 1985 and was outfitted from then until early 1886 at it’s dock almost under the Fremont Bridge.  That Spring, it was moved to my previous home at Winslow Wharf on Bainbridge Island, where it did double duty as home and vacation cruiser for the next 18 years.  During that time it found its way into harbors, docks, bays and coves from South Puget Sound to the Northern end of Vancouver Island.

Today, it is still my part-time home and is moored at the Poulsbo Yacht Club docks in Liberty Bay.

And you are asking, ok, so what? 

In answer to the question: 

My experience with developing software and acting as a business consultant taught me to listen to my client’s needs, requirements and wishes, and offer alternative solutions and to move forward accordingly, depending on the client’s choices.  

My management experience enabled me to deal, one on one, with a wide variety of people and personalities.  Interacting with people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, points of view, languages and business climates, but with similar objectives allowed me to gain valuable insight into how to achieve the best possible outcome for most situations and circumstances. 

30 plus years of cruising has taught me how to plan for a myriad of possibilities, alternatives and circumstances.

Finally, 20 years of Real Estate experience has given me the industry specific knowledge and expertise to effectively represent you in a Real Estate transaction, be it as your property’s representative or representing you as the buyer of a property.

All of which help me to better serve you.

Teri Hewson at John L. Scott Real Estate